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We offer a wide array of cutting-edge products.

We are constantly testing and innovating the latest and greatest products to improve our customers’ lives and provide an ever-increasing value.

About Us

Top Quality and Innovation

With the ever-expanding marketplace for high-end consumer products, it can be difficult to find the best brands.  Here at Nu Lifestyle Marketing, we operate from a “customer first” philosophy. We have found this to be the key to providing the long-lasting trust and loyalty that today’s smart consumers demand and deserve.

Look to us for new, cutting-edge, and awesome products to help you in your everyday life. And know we are here to serve you with long-lasting quality products for the long run.

Our Products

Charcoal Bag Purifier

Charcoal is the latest craze. Turns out it can purify just about anything; water, digestive tracts, and more. We utilize it to clean the air, so you can breathe easy and find yourself in a delightful space anywhere.

HD Pro Cast

Can’t stand the thought of missing your favorite shows? Fret no more! The HD Pro Cast is your solution to streaming from any device to a larger display. Sit back, relax,and enjoy.

Lotus Mat

This mat brings you acupressure massage that is clinically-proven to significantly relieve pain in the body. The Lotus Mat set is made up of the Lotus Shoppe mat and the Lotus Shoppe pillow. It stimulates the production of endorphins,.

Premium Materials


Having the high quality products means starting with best materials. We meticulously source the best materials and adhere to ultra high construction standards, to deliver the best products on the market.

Dedicated Support


You can rest assured that we will acknowledge and reply to any inquiry you have as quickly as possible.


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Phone: 1-800-864-8820

Phone: 1-800-864-8820

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